We operate in the following industries:

Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs): 

(our offering for CTVs is also known as 'vessel motion monitoring systems')

  • Transfer safety from CTV to turbine
  • Docking impacts for vessel integrity
  • Comfort during transit: motion sickness (MSI) and whole body vibrations (slamming onto waves)
  • Efficiency: automatic generation of daily reports
  • Total cost of ownership: quantifing which vessels are worth the extra cost (taking into account: fuel, workability envelopes, access systems, etc)


Operations Support Vessels (OSVs):

  • Assess and improve workability of access systems: capture vessel movements and link with Dynamic Positioning (DP) system to assist DP officer in enlarging the operational window
  • Improve fuel efficiency



  • Improve efficiency: efficient interlinkage of operational data with planning and invoicing (ERP system)
  • Grip on operations: operational overview of location/status of vessels
  • Improve fuel efficiency: identify fuel consumption patterns during various stages of operation; identify scope for change as well as monitor/track scope for change


Platform Supply Vessels: 

  • Improve efficiency: efficient interlinkage of operational data with invoicing (ERP system)
  • Operational overview per vessel and up to date ETA communication between dispatch, vessel and platform



  • Measure platform movements and report operational KPIs
  • Monitor adherence to operational boundaries set by end-client


Fast ferries: 

  • Improve passenger comfort (docking impacts and whole body vibrations due to 'slamming' onto waves)
  • Maintain an operational log of exact vessel whereabouts at each point in time for potential claims
  • Improve fuel efficiency taking into account meteo data