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Bibby Marine Services

“Bibby Marine Services believe that BMO has the potential to revolutionize the way that we operate. We have seen the evolution of a bespoke service that can optimize our operations and performance analysis. The quality of both customer and product services has been of high quality so far. Bibby is excited to see how our journey with BMO continues.”


Rob Osborne

Support & Innovation Engineer

Bibby Marine Services

Siemens Windpower A/S (Now Siemens-Gamesa)

Siemens A/S has undertaken the trial and testing of the Black Box VMMS system developed by BMO Offshore. This campaign has run for around 6 months and has proved very beneficial to us – allowing us to gain new insight into the performance of vessels and other offshore technology.

BMO has worked hard to produce good, tangible results, have been easy to deal with and have been flexible to our needs.


Andrew Stormonth-Darling

Technical Project Manager

Siemens Service / Maritime Solutions