Vessel Motion Monitor System (CTV)

The BMO VMMS is designed as a reliable tool for collection, storage and remote access to operational vessel data. The toolset has been developed to use data as the ultimate tool to improve:

  • Safety of operations
  • Transparency of vessel costs vs. performance
  • Fleet selection
  • Scheduling selectiveness
  • OEM wind turbine logistics contractual performance
  • Wind farm production


The Argus (SOV)

Our newest product, the BMO ARGUS vessel Box, is specifically designed for SOV's. The Argus offers an integrated data management package tailored to key decision- makers. It enables and reinforces improvements of your vessel operations to improve control of your SOV vessel and provide new insights into your operations. With our system, we enable:

  • Analytics of vessel performance
  • Vessel trip analysis
  • Customize reporting for vessels owners
  • Vessel tracking 
  • Wave prediction monitoring (development)


Data Science

We have proven to be able to deliver on all these points, on numerous wind farms throughout Europe.

To create the largest impact on windfarm yield and operational excellence, the services of BMO need to be tailored to fit the workflow of your wind farm. Therefore, BMO has divided its product line into three/four steps, each of which can be adjusted to your requirements. Additionally, BMO offers bespoke implementation consultancy to create maximum impact in the shortest time frame.




I. Vessel Performance:

The first package is setting up data collection on the vessel using BMO Vessel motion monitoring system (VMMS). Immediate benefits from this package are:

  • Daily performance reports for each vessel to allow immediate response if performance targets are not met.
  • HD video of all transfer operations for effective evaluation of underperformance or incidents.
  • Upon request, monthly or quarterly reports creating a side by side overview of vessel performance
  • Interface to collect wave data from radars/ buoys deployed in the field.


 II.  OEM Turbine Warranty Agreement:

The second package is to track the logistic performance of the wind farm. At this stage, the decision data from Marine control (MC) is collected and combined with the vessel data to create an accurate picture of performance to enable continuous improvement of planning and MC. The requirement in OEM Turbine Warranty Agreement is analyzed and coded into a tracking algorithm.


III.  Advanced Mission support system for windfarm yield maximization.

BMO uses historic wave-data and weather forecasts together with historic vessel performance to create transparency on mission success probability both for transit and turbine access. By comparing the potential yield from a successful mission with deployment costs, we can assist marine control with optimal fleet deployment.

We also offer various types of reports and consultancy. We are busy expanding our commercial offers, please contact us if you want to know more.


The Dataviewer is the latest information platform created by BMO. It gives an insight into the performance, completed tasks and workload of both CTV's and SOV's. It achieves this by creating Daily Progress Reports(DPR) on the fly for each vessel it has data for. The easy-to-use design of the Dataviewer offers the option to quickly switch between vessels and dates.


For both types of vessels, it generates a map with the sailed route of the vessel. The CTV DPR and SOV DPR do differ though. The CTV focusses on each specific transfer. Showing detailed information and a slip graph to display the wave heights that the vessel encountered while trying to transfer persons or cargo up or down the wind turbine.




An SOV is a vessel that can switch up its operations on a day-by-day situation. Therefore it's not as simple as plainly showing transfers like the CTV DPR. The SOV DPR alters its appearance according to the data it has available. It has the possibility to display vessel-to-vessel transfer scenarios, turbine transfer scenarios and other potential scenarios. It also has the ability to display gangway utilization in cases where we measure those statistics.