We have been presenting a selection of our findings at the following conferences



  • Dob Academy
    How BMO changed into a data company


  • The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
    The use of Vessel Performance Monitoring and Tracking
  • Windpower Vessels and Access
    Strategies to maximize access without irresponsible risks
  • NWA Safety Forum
    Potential impact on CTV operations from the Draft OWA sea trials criteria


  • Windpower Monthly, 5th Annual Vessel and Access Forum 2015: Vessel Performance Monitoring And Tracking Across All Operations
  • Windpower Monthly - Annual Vessel and Access Forum 2015: Offshore Technician Safety: Do we need a fatality before change will happen? (Panel Discussion)
  • Seawork Southampton Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition and Conference, June 2015


  • IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) – Renewable Energy Workgroup Meeting 2014: Workability and liability
  • Renewable UK Health and Safety Conference 2014, Boat Landing Impacts: A risk to people and assets