The company

BMO Offshore brings together offshore wind project experience, scientific measurement know-how and operational experience in offshore operations and maintenance. We develop integrated measurments solutions and take the client's perspective by providing management information on specific KPI's, instead of just raw data. BMO creates customer value by delivering high-end data services to the offshore wind power industry to improve the saftey and efficiency during construction and operation of offshore wind projects. BMO can help to maximize vessel utilization and reduce costs.

We have a proven track record of experience, gained from measurements on dozens of vessels among different wind parks in the major markets within Northern Europe. We have a strong understanding of the offshore wind industry and are approved by the Crown Estate Offshore Wind Accelerator to provide vessel motion monitoring equipment. 


BMO works on 3 levels:

  • Collecting data: we have our own hardware to take measurments but we also connect with other available data sources 

  • Analyzing data: converting terabytes of data into useful information is not trival. Yet, this happenes to be our strongest capability: we focus on extracting relevant insights 

  • Visualising insights: reporting the insights such that your organization can easily interpret the information and improve its operations-whether that is real-time on-board the vessel, or via a quaterly report



BMO was founded in 2011 and since then BMO has attracted people and skills from various industries and companies to continuously design and develop our offering.

Gijs Hulscher is the founder of BMO Offshore. As a Systems and Control engineer from Delft University of Technology, he has been working in the offshore wind energy and maritime solutions industry since 2007.



BMO's mission is to be the most relevant enabler for operational intelligence in the maritime industry.

We are proud to be helping our clients on two fronts which makes a significant impact on their bottom-line:

- insight in core operational issues

- tracking of progress on mitigating actions