bmo offshore




It all starts with a conversation. As soon as we know your needs and concerns, we improve and adjust our tools where necessary.


BMO delivers more than just data: we focus on making your marine vessel operations more efficient. With the development of our ‘smart data intelligence solutions ’ we contribute to improving the operational excellence of your asset.


BMO has a record of being an industry leader and a reliable service minded company. It is our mission to keep creating and improving monitoring data tools for every aspect of the CTV and SOV market.


Core values:

  • Transparency: We create transparency of performance.
  • Safety: Our equipment is designed to help improve marine operations safety through clear feedback.
  • Clarity: Data has to grow into information. Delivery of information in the right format and timeframe is essential for action.
  • Simplicity: Operators already have enough assets to manage. BMO installs and manages the necessary measurement equipment.
  • Connectivity: Information is always available to our clients.